About Us

Action Blueprints was created to make technical art blueprints that connect people with the amazing machines with which they have a passion for, an experience with, or a memorable history of using.

Whether they are military veterans, car obsessives, or aviation enthusiasts like myself, we all share a passion for these amazing machines.

While working my first job at an aerospace company I was surrounded by lots of cool blueprints of various aerospace components.

Having a grandfather who flew fighter jets in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, I thought it would be an awesome tribute to him to make a custom blueprint of the jet that he flew(the F-4 Phantom II) while trying to capture the look and feel of a technical engineering print.

With the help of some old blue prints I found online, some technical drawing software, and a local printing shop, I created my first piece of art.

It was then I realized the F-4 Phantom II was special to me not only because of it's general awesomeness, but also because it gave me a personal connection to my grandfather.

This was when the idea for the business came to me: The goal of Action Blueprints is to create blueprints that connect people with the machines that they are passionate about and that they can proudly display on their walls.

I am adding new prints every month and would love to hear the stories related to the Action Blueprint that carries personal significance to you!

If there's anything you'd like to see developed that we don't currently have please contact me HERE or email me directly at! We are a family owned business based in Denver, Colorado and every print is designed by me and manufactured locally here in Colorado.

Thanks for your support of our small business and I look forward to hearing and hearing about the stories around your own personal Action Blueprint!

Blake Olson

Chief Print Engineer and Blueprint Enthusiast

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